My professional experience involves mostly projects related to modern web technologies. In the last year, I'm also working on blockchain-related projects (DeFi, NFTs) for the Ethereum mainnet. I have worked extensively with CSS, React, JavaScript and TypeScript, and many other technologies and programming languages, such as database systems and backend stacks. I value clean, maintainable, and modular codebases. I support every development practice which enhances the code's quality that doesn't introduce technical debt. I like approaching problems from different angles and coming up with straightforward solutions. Getting back to basics and asking the right questions will always light the way forward when things get complicated. Every technology has a place in our world, as long as we are proactive and careful with our choices. What matters the most is creating well-designed, functional applications that are easily usable by our end-users and profitable for our clients.


George Gkasdrogkas

Full Stack Engineer & Blockchain Developer